Unibet Casino Wheel of Fortune

For those individuals who are online casino enthusiasts, they will often play a variety of different slots. Some of the slot games are very similar to those which are offered at many of the online casino platforms. Unibet has a full roster of thrilling slot games to unibet-casino-wheel-of-fortune2choose from. One that many people seek out, undoubtedly because the name is so popular, is the Unibet Wheel of Fortune. There have been a few changes made over the years concerning this particular slot game. However, Unibet is not going to disappoint those who want to play a new version of the Wheel of Fortune.

Going Back in Time

If one has been a player at Unibet for several years, then chances are they had the opportunity in the past to play the original version of the Unibet Wheel of Fortune. Back in 2011, the standard Wheel of Fortune game was a specific version which Unibet offered. This particular game is unfortunately no longer available but has been replaced with another version; the Unibet Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway.

Unibet Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway

This is a casino game offered by the Unibet Casino in the slot game category. It may not be available to all Unibet players depending on their particular region. The name Wheel of Fortune may sound familiar, because of the very famous Wheel of Fortune TV show of the same name. This was a game which was played in the US and drew a large crowd of excited observers each week when it would appear on television. The basis of the television show was that participants had to solve various word puzzles. Those who were successful ended up with some hefty cash and valuable prizes.

Something else which made this TV show so famous, was, that aside from being held primarily in a studio location, it would often be filmed in many popular destinations. All of this set the perfect foundation for being able to create a new exciting casino slot game. This is precisely what the software provider IGT did, and it held no disappointment for those who enjoy a slot game with plenty of action.

The Theme

As the name might suggest, this is a theme which is based on the sunny location of Hawaii that is considered to be a paradise. The game has been released by IGT which is a very well known and respected casino software provider. As can be expected with any of their games, the graphics are impressive, as well as the soundtrack, which is most enjoyable to listen to throughout the gameplay. If one were to close their eyes, they would surely feel that they were on a Hawaiian island about to enjoy all that it has to offer.


Placing Bets

This slot game is a five reel, three reel, 25 pay line slot. It is one which is considered to be a favorite of the high rollers.


One of the expectations which many people have when it comes to their slot gameplay is that the game they are playing has a variety of features. This is a 25 pay line slot game that is comprised of five reels. To set the theme of this Hawaiian adventure, the icons are based on those which are comprised of surfing, lava and aloha along with several others. Also, there are the standard card type icons where different combinations can be combined for some substantial payouts. The scatter symbol is the exciting wheel bonus icon.

The Kahuna Feature

When it comes to additional features, one of the most exciting ones of this particular slot game is the Kahuna Respin. To be given the opportunity of the respin, the player must have at least three full stacks of the same symbol. The symbols which will trigger this feature are considered to be premium symbols, which will appear during the respin. Potential wins can be multiplied.

The Big Bonus

As with most slot games the scatters hold a degree of importance. Scatters usually set the players up for extra wins or take them into extra features. In this particular Wheel of Fortune game, the goal is to achieve six scatter symbols during any one spin. By doing so, it will take the player into an opportunity to spin in the wheel bonus feature. On the wheel, there are many different potential wins. These can range from various numbers of coins, as well as free spin options and also a chance to be taken to the Pointer Frenzy feature. There are even slots for the jackpot bonus.

The Big Money

Five fixed jackpots are up for grabs on this particular slot game. These are noted at the top of the game. For individuals to have a crack at the prize, they need to go through the Wheel of Fortune process and be lucky enough to land on a wedge which takes them to the Pointer Frenzy feature. What this will do is allow the player to potentially have several turns on the jackpot wheel.

Jackpot Bonus

When playing the jackpot bonus, players will have the chance to have at least one spin on the jackpot wheel. The icons on the wheel are comprised of gold, silver, green, purple and blue. Anybody who has made it to the jackpot bonus wheel is guaranteed of some type of win.

Wheel of Fortune Versions

unibet-casino-wheel-of-fortune1There are several different versions of the Wheel of Fortune which are available at online casinos. Unibet has chosen this particular one because they believe in bringing the very best to their slot players. Those who are looking for a slot game which is loaded with excitement and many different opportunities for some great wins will want to give this particular wheel of fortune a try.

Although the original Unibet Wheel of Fortune is no longer available, this one which is replacing it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The number of features that come with it really enhance the slot machine gameplay.